Sunday, September 1, 2013

Week 43

Hello World! Its great to see you again!

Well so far the news of the week is that we had a baptism!
This Lady has been wanting to be baptized for a year, but had to quit smoking and coffee and had many legal issues. She has gone through a lot for homelessness and her husband leaving her and putting a restraining order on her kids... that's not a fun life. But she is seeing miracles! She has a job! She's now a member of the church and things are going so much better for her its awesome! She says this is the best thing she has eInline image 1ver done. 
Great things are happening! We picked up a couple of new people to teach and its pretty exciting!
I have been seeing a lot of change in myself lately and I am amazed. Spiritually I have been concentrating more on my investigators and I am opening my mouth when the spirit speaks to me. Its different. I love it! I really don't like thinking a lot about myself very much. I have noticed it makes me prideful. Its no fun. "Forget yourself and go to work!" said President Hinckley. What a good saying!
Physically I have dropped 40 lbs... Yeah crazy!! Inline image 2
Pictures say a thousands words but this is may be jaw dropping! Haha! I can't believe it. Haha but I love it haha Ihope to have a 6 pack by the end of my mission! haha
But I love The Lord. I am grateful for all that he has done for me. I haven't had such a greatness of happiness in a long time! Its wonderful! I love the Lord. I can't believe its been 10 months since I have been out. Its a mix between bitter and sweet. I can't wait to go home in about a year, But I also don't want it to end! Agh! Well I love you all. The Church is true! I can testify to that and thats why I am out here. :)

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