Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I forgot my weeks... So from May 14, 2014- June 3, 2014

Hello everybody!

I am sorry for not keeping you all up on my blog! Life as a missionary gets really gets busy! And goes fast too! I can't believe how fast its going! Its already June and I go home in August! Time really flies when you serve the Lord with all your heart might mind and strength! So I'll just summarize the past...Month...again!
Over time we have seen allot of investigators and less actives progress well in the Gospel! This week we are going with a less active to the temple to do baptism's for the dead. And the same person who is doing baptisms for the dead got his baby blessed! Its awesome to see the progress.
We had a baptism for a young girl names Emily. She is 15 now and she has grown so much! we asked her what made her really finally want to be baptized? She said that the day we gave her a priesthood blessing she said she just knew. And we are going through the new member lessons before she moves back to California next week. But she is awesome and we have been so proud of her and her progress! She is really coming closer to Jesus Christ.
So this week I had to say goodbye to a great missionary. Elder Reher finished an honorable full time mission last Wednesday. I am proud of him and the example he gave to the missionaries in the zone, his companions and me. I will miss him but lucky the Lord has ways of crossing. Well see each other at BYU-I. Good Luck my friend :)
Elder Reher And I at the Lamoreaux's teaching about online Proselyting 
But I have a new companion now! His name is Elder Kepo'o (Que-Poe-Oh). he is from the Big Island of Hawaii. He is the second companion from that island too! He has been out for 19 months and has been doing great work in the area! He is motivated and ready to serve the Lord! I am excited to serve with him!

This week we had a few great lessons and we had a less active make a really big step in his conversion! So We visited him on earlier this week and we talked with him and for some reason he said he was going to go upon the stand on fast sunday and bear his testimony! And so we helped him gain confidence to do that. Then we had an appointment on Saturday cancel so we decided that since we were in the neighborhood we stopped by and see how he was doing. And he said that he really needed us to come at that time cause he wasn't sure if he could bear his testimony but when we came he said he just got some relief from us being there. Then On Sunday He got up and shared a powerful testimony! People were talking about it all throughout the block! It was a miracle! I was happy for him!
Well thats really as Much as I can give for this past month. Its been fun and exciting! This will be a fun new adventure in the area with my new companion. All I can say is that lets get to work! Have a great day everyone!

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