Monday, December 3, 2012

Week 15!

Good Morning World! Its been forever since I last saw you!

So yeah I have been busy tracting and looking for teaching opportunities. We have a baptism next week for this 10 year old kid named Max. Hes adopted from Thailand and he is one of the most brilliant kids I have met! He is really excited to get baptized! He knows a lot considering how old he is!

So I have been really learning lately again how to follow the Spirit. And also how I need to carry oil everywhere I go! haha I had an experience where I didn't have any oil so lesson learned. I have also been noticing how the Priesthood is being used a lot in my mission. I have given more blessing in one week than I have in my time I was an elder. Its crazy!

But I am doing good I honestly don't have much to write this week. Everything has been great! But I love you all and I miss you guys soooooooo much! Next week I'll have more to write! Till next time!

-Elder Gleed
**Note:  Elder Gleed recieved a companion!  Hurray!  He will continue serving in Lindon. 

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