Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 76

Hello world!
I can say I am very Very happy that Seattle won their first Superbowl!!!! :) Haha Thats my team!!!! Thats the best!
So this week we had allot of good experiences. I had my first Skype lesson this week for a guy in Australia that I met in Europe It went great! He didn't accept the message but it was a good conversation. Plus we fulfilled our purpose as missionary which was to invite him to come unto Christ. So it was no failure at all :) It was a cool experience non the less!
We met a less active guy, Who was in his 60s, the other day. He has a daughter that lives with him thats not a member. But what was funny that she was the one who said her dad needs a blessing! Which was shocking cause she had more faith than him and she wasn't a member. Crazy. And not only that she went to church even though her dad didn't. Plus the Ward was very supportive and introduced themselves to her. it was awesome! :) She may be a golden investigator! 
We had an investigator say her first pray out loud! It was completely unexpected! I have been wanting her to say one for the past time I have been in this area! It was a miracle in of itself! I was happy! 
I am grateful to be here at this time. There is allot happening. The Lords hand is literally in this work. And its amazing!  I love it!
I am sad that I was not able to see grandmas funeral but I am happy that the funeral went well. I know this is where she wants me to be right now. There is no other place in the world I could be. I just want to post a poem that she wrote that I love so much.

I'm grateful for the blessings the Lord has given me.
I'm thankful for the ones I feel, as well as those I see.
I know my Heavently Father has blessed me with his love,
I know he wants me someday to dwell with Him above.

He blessed me with a family and home beyond compare,
I know that he expects me to all my blessings share.
I'm thankful for the friends I have, I admire
I'm pleased to know their company, of which I never tire.

I'm glad I live in America the land of brave and free.
I know that it's the greatest land that will ever be.
The things for which I'm thankful are the common, well known few
And yet they're the most important that ever come to you.

What do ya wanna know?