Monday, September 30, 2013

Week 57

Hello world!
Wow it has been a while! I am sorry I am going to give a summary for what has happened. I am still in Provo training again! I am currently training Elder Soper from Vancouver, WA. He's cool, I like him.

We have been working hard on this area. We have actually picked up a couple of new people. One of them their last names are actually the Gleave! Sounds very similar to Gleed! That's pretty cool! I wonder if we are related? Well they are a great family. The husband has been less active for many years and the wife is Lutheran. Bro. Gleave wants to come back to the church so he's taking the discussions and Sis. Gleave is there to support her husband. Bro. Gleave said to Sis. Gleave "I don't expect you to become a Mormon." Then she replies back, I will decided whether I want to be a Mormon or not." Very open minded and has a good heart. They are such a great couple :)
So we also had a leadership training meeting for all the Leadership. We heard some really great things! Like how there will be a set of senior couple missionaries in every stake in Provo! So pretty much by December we will have about 300 missionaries in this mission! Including the Senior Couples that will also be full time missionaries. Crazy! We learned a great way to look at Joseph Smith's first vision and how to apply it into our own lives. Its really amazing! I love it!
Well everybody that's about all the time I have! I love you all and have a great day! :)

-Elder Gleed

Monday, September 2, 2013

Week 55

Hey everybody!

We have had storms and crazy weather here. I thought Washington was bipolar, but nope. Utah goes from sunny skies to pouring down rain and wind storms. Yeah Utah is crazy!
Well this week we had a re-baptism. It was awesome! I have met with a few excommunicated people before. And they can  be one of 2 things. One comfortably stubborn. Or humbly submissive. This one was humbly submissive. She was so happy to be baptized! She has been working on it for a  year and a half or so. but she finally made it! Proud of her!  Happy for her! :) 

We also went mining... Or we were just digging under a house cause the guy was making more space for downstairs. But it was fun though! I really enjoyed it . Good work out ;)

Yeah it was fun haha.
Well everyone I love you all and I know that this church is true. I know Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. I know we have a prophet in these latter days. I know that for a fact! I still can't believe Kyle is in the MTC and I have been out a full year! Its amazing! I love you all, and till next time! 
-Elder Gleed

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Week 54

Hello World!

 Its a beautiful Day in the Neighborhood! As Mr. Rogers would say.
We have had a pretty good week this week I must say! 
We have had the opportunity to have a baptism for Larry Shelton! Inline image 1 He is an Awesome guy! You may wonder why are we looking down? Well there was about 4 other cameras going off at the same time. And one people taking the picture was sitting down and she said look this way.... Which during that time my camera took a picture as well haha!

It was a great baptism though. When Larry came out of the water the first thing he said afer standing in the water for about a minute was "speechless". It was pretty awesome!  He is a great man and he is going to be an even better disciple of Jesus Christ. 

My Son! (Aka Elder Warr. Kinda like a Trainer is the father and the Trainee is the son) He put someone on date!! I am happy for him! What was cool was that when we were planning it for some odd reason we felt like we should put him on for September 14. Which when we committed him for that he said that his son's Birthday! Crazy huh? I did not expect that! haha But it was great!
Well everybody I don't have much else to say. but I would like to give a Shout out to My little Bro Kyle! I love you man and I am happy that you are going to preach the Gospel to the Chileans! You will be an awesome Missionary! Love you and see you in 2 years! :)

-Elder Gleed

Week 53

Good morning World!! :D

Well its been a cool week. I have had a few opportunities to see the Lord's hand in the work. I have actually taught a few Facebook lessons. It was really strange but I kinda like it haha. I feel lazy at the same time haha.
but this week we had some Navajo Tacos! Inline image 1
It was actually pretty good. its basically fried bread with the same stuff to make taco Salads. Plus it was made by Pure blood Navajos. So I got to learn some Navajo... And that's a hard language! Good heavens! haha 
We also got to take a picture of where we are in Utah. Mainly cause we saw a band take some Band photos here while we were walking. And so we decided to take our Picture hahaInline image 2 
We have actually had some miracles this week. Its pretty awesome. So we were going out for Pho. And we were origanally going to go out of our area when I felt like we should eat at this Pho place in our area. While we were riding by we were passing a part member familys house and the stopped us and asked us to give them a Blessing. If we had just gone to the other Pho place we would have not been able to give that Family a blessing. 
Same kind of Deal yesterday. We were in our area to hand off someone to the new Missionaries in the Area. And after that lesson we were going to visit a family in the area cause I haven't seen them in a while. But then I got this impression to actually go to a less actives house who I haven't seen in about 2 months. Knowing me I follow those things. cause I know I would regret it if I didn't follow it.So we went over there last night and she let us in and we talked to her and found out what she has been training non stop for a fight she is having on saturday. And She said she is scared, nervous, doesn't know what to think.Plus not only that she was sick. But I offered a blessing to her. And she said she would like that! I found out at that very moment why we were there. So it was a great and It was a great blessing.  
So to all you missionaries who want good tips on how to be Succesful missionary and see miracles. Well Be OBEDIENT! Average Missionaries are like 80% obedient. Well when we got Facebook they told us there can be mot even 99% Obedience for this! So be Exactly obedient. Thats the First Law in Heaven. 
I know this Church is true. I know Jesus is the Christ. I know this is the Work of Salvation. not our work, but the Lord work. We are just the instrument in his hands. I love you all and can you believe its already been a year since I first came out on my misison? Crazy!!! It all down hill from here. I really don't want to be home right now or in a year haha.
I love you all and I hope you have a great day!! :D
-Elder Gleed

Week 52

Hey everyone! 

I am now with Elder Warr! He is from Salem Ut. He is a trial missionary cause he has some heart problems and other problems. But he's cool! 
So Elder Warr's first day included getting $20 within the first hour of being in the field. Haha He is going to love this mission more than anything! He has a strong testimony of the Gospel. I try to use some of the things my trainer taught me throughout my training. I hope to be as good as a trainer as he was to me. 
We also had a lot of surprises.... So for one we lost our car... Cause some other missionaries crashed their car and apparently they needed their car more? And we found out that we would still cover the 3 stakes till tomorrow. And we are on Foot -_- So it was a challenge. But its working out ok. We are not getting a lot of lessons. But the area is progressing a lot though! We are going to see miracles this transfer! 
Well I don't have much else to write but I love you all and I Pray for you everyday! :)

Week 51

Hello World!!!

So yeah I am on Facebook! Its a wonderful new tool that we will be using in the Lord hands to spread the Gospel.
So I guess I will tell you about Facebook. So here is how it works. So I am actually suppose to use Facebook everyday for at lease an hour! How often do you hear that? And whats crazy is that I can actually use family as fellowshippers, so that means if I really want I can use my parent technically ! Crazy to see how really prophesies are coming true. With Facebook the Gospel can actually penetrate every nation where the Gospel could never be before!
Well I just got transfer call today. Provo South is splitting and I am going to be in the other 2 stakes I cover. And now my areas I guess called the Provo Bonneville area. So yeah and not only that I will be training a new Elder from the MTC and I am now a District Leader! Crazy huh? Elder Kim is opening up a new asian area called UVU Asian. He covers all Asians Except Chinese. Apparently there is allot of areas that are splitting and new Zones are forming. Man and I am in the middle of it! haha So yeah. the missions are changing and the Lord is doing some amazing things!
Well Everyone if you have any questions just send me a message. But do tell people who are your friends who want to know more to add me on Facebook and they can ask me anything :) I love you all!
-Elder Gleed

Week 50

Hello world!
Wow time is flying way too fast! I can't believe its already been almost a year. Man I can't believe it! And sooooooo much is happening. But I will first tell you about our week.
So for starters we have found many great new investigators! We found this one guy named Leonard. He's 53 years old and grew up in LA. When we first met with him he said he was only going to listen to the things he wants. Meaning he is going to filter the things he doesn't want to hear about. So we thought he wasn't going to be a very good person to teach. Then we saw him on Thursday. And he completely flipped 180! He said that he knows that he is doing wrong now! he said I am going to change! And If you can imagine a geto black man saying this quote right here you would crack up. " I don't wanna do Wha I wanna do! I only wanna do wha da Heavenly Fatha want me ta do!"  Our Lesson yesterday was pretty awesome! He could not stop telling us how this feeling of the Holy Ghost has made him so very happy! Actually he would not stop talking about it, we barely made it through the lesson haha. It was probably one of those experiences that I can't stop smiling about every time I hear it! 
So Now  I have a crazy new announcement. As Tuesday July 30 2013. The Utah Provo Mission will be allowed to use Facebook!!! :D And we will be using our own accounts. I don't know the details or how its all going to work. But I am actually excited! I can't wait! Exciting! 
SO Yeah I guess that's all I have to write about this week. But I can show you a picture of Elder Kim and I riding an antique firetruck!Inline image 1

Week 49

Hello World!

So its been a good week. We had allot of lessons. but we also had a pretty cool fireside. We got to see the construction and history of the Provo City Center temple. It will be about 2 more years till its finished. But whats amazing is that it is actually 40 feet in the air...

Its actually higher than that in the picture.
But yeah we got to see what the finished temple is expected to look like. And Its going to be a nice temple!!! They have so many plans for it. 
But what was actually surprising was this. So we are now till the temples complete basically a Temple Square Mission. Like we will be at a booth and we will talk to people about the temple and ask for referrals. So Yeah we each have a 2 hour shift like every 3 or 4 days. So this is going to be a new experience. I'm excited!
So yeah I love life. We had about 33 lessons this week. We got to the point where we had to do actual splits with Priesthood holders. So yeah the Lord is hastening the work. And its not slowing down!
Well I don't have much else to say but I love you all and I wish you all the best. The Church is true and Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer! Till Next time!

Week 46

Well Hello World!

 So its been great these past 2 weeks! So I am now with Elder Kim who is from Bellevue, Wa. And We found out that we both attended the same church building! So yeah we have a lot to talk about when it comes to Seattle. Its pretty awesome!
So for the 4th of July we marched in the Provo Parade. And I have to say I have never given so many high fives to kids in my life! But we got a big standing ovation as we were walking by. It was pretty awesome. All 215 missionaries were there. Pretty amazing.Good times! I also saw my trainer Elder Jarman! I was so happy to see him after 8 or 9 months.
Inline image 1
We also couldn't go out after 5 on the 4th. Why? I don't know. But its probably for a good cause.
We watched How To Train Your Dragon (that was the approved movie ) And we played Dodge ball. Pretty fun night I must say.
We Also had a wedding for Olga and Mareano. Inline image 2
So its been a good 2 weeks. We are teaching Olga. Shes pretty awesome! And the wedding was wonderful. I felt the Spirit there as the Bishop married them. They will have a great life together in marriage. 
Well everyone I hope you all have a great day and a great Life! I love you all! :D

Week 44

Good afternoon world!
Its been a remarkable week. We have 27 lessons this week and we have a lot of good things happening soon! 
SO, for starters I had the opportunity of teaching Paul and Ahmbroe. These 2 guys are  amazing! Like I mentioned in a previous email, they are from Nigeria and they are the  most humble people ever! I honestly haven't met more humble men in my life. And on Saturday they got Baptized! :DInline image 1
Such awesome guys! A Stake president told me that you can't teach people from Africa about God or faith cause they already have so much of it. But we can all learn from them,  and teach them the truths, and we all end up learning as one! I love Nigerians. I feel gypped cause I was sent to Provo where a lot of people either love the Church or hate it and they are hardend. But Its good cause in the end, I really love the people here, and you love the place you are serving. Eventually you say to yourself  "this is where I was meant to serve." I am grateful to be here in the UPM!  
So a lot of you have probably seen the Worldwide leadership meeting. Yes I was there. It Was an awesome experience! I really enjoyed that. Its a missionary's dream come true, telling the members that we as members need to help the missionary's. We were going to be in the front row, but they told us last minute that we need to be with leadership.
Inline image 2
But it was a lot of fun. I am excited for the Ipads! Coming in august for us. And by the end of the year, All missons will be able to have Ipads and Iphones. Truly amazing!
The Lord is Hastening the work. That is all I can say.
As for transfer calls! I am staying in Provo and I will be with Elder Kim from Seattle Washington. I am excited! And Elder Della Puca will be in Pleasant Grove With Elder Reed. Funny 'cause Elder Reed had a companion named Elder Dela Cruz And is now Getting Della Puca... Crazy.
Well I love you all , and Mission President told us that The work is Hastening, and is not going to slow down. The thing I think of now when that is said is... Bring it On!

Week 43

Hello World! Its great to see you again!

Well so far the news of the week is that we had a baptism!
This Lady has been wanting to be baptized for a year, but had to quit smoking and coffee and had many legal issues. She has gone through a lot for homelessness and her husband leaving her and putting a restraining order on her kids... that's not a fun life. But she is seeing miracles! She has a job! She's now a member of the church and things are going so much better for her its awesome! She says this is the best thing she has eInline image 1ver done. 
Great things are happening! We picked up a couple of new people to teach and its pretty exciting!
I have been seeing a lot of change in myself lately and I am amazed. Spiritually I have been concentrating more on my investigators and I am opening my mouth when the spirit speaks to me. Its different. I love it! I really don't like thinking a lot about myself very much. I have noticed it makes me prideful. Its no fun. "Forget yourself and go to work!" said President Hinckley. What a good saying!
Physically I have dropped 40 lbs... Yeah crazy!! Inline image 2
Pictures say a thousands words but this is may be jaw dropping! Haha! I can't believe it. Haha but I love it haha Ihope to have a 6 pack by the end of my mission! haha
But I love The Lord. I am grateful for all that he has done for me. I haven't had such a greatness of happiness in a long time! Its wonderful! I love the Lord. I can't believe its been 10 months since I have been out. Its a mix between bitter and sweet. I can't wait to go home in about a year, But I also don't want it to end! Agh! Well I love you all. The Church is true! I can testify to that and thats why I am out here. :)

What do ya wanna know?