Sunday, September 1, 2013

Week 54

Hello World!

 Its a beautiful Day in the Neighborhood! As Mr. Rogers would say.
We have had a pretty good week this week I must say! 
We have had the opportunity to have a baptism for Larry Shelton! Inline image 1 He is an Awesome guy! You may wonder why are we looking down? Well there was about 4 other cameras going off at the same time. And one people taking the picture was sitting down and she said look this way.... Which during that time my camera took a picture as well haha!

It was a great baptism though. When Larry came out of the water the first thing he said afer standing in the water for about a minute was "speechless". It was pretty awesome!  He is a great man and he is going to be an even better disciple of Jesus Christ. 

My Son! (Aka Elder Warr. Kinda like a Trainer is the father and the Trainee is the son) He put someone on date!! I am happy for him! What was cool was that when we were planning it for some odd reason we felt like we should put him on for September 14. Which when we committed him for that he said that his son's Birthday! Crazy huh? I did not expect that! haha But it was great!
Well everybody I don't have much else to say. but I would like to give a Shout out to My little Bro Kyle! I love you man and I am happy that you are going to preach the Gospel to the Chileans! You will be an awesome Missionary! Love you and see you in 2 years! :)

-Elder Gleed

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