Sunday, September 1, 2013

Week 52

Hey everyone! 

I am now with Elder Warr! He is from Salem Ut. He is a trial missionary cause he has some heart problems and other problems. But he's cool! 
So Elder Warr's first day included getting $20 within the first hour of being in the field. Haha He is going to love this mission more than anything! He has a strong testimony of the Gospel. I try to use some of the things my trainer taught me throughout my training. I hope to be as good as a trainer as he was to me. 
We also had a lot of surprises.... So for one we lost our car... Cause some other missionaries crashed their car and apparently they needed their car more? And we found out that we would still cover the 3 stakes till tomorrow. And we are on Foot -_- So it was a challenge. But its working out ok. We are not getting a lot of lessons. But the area is progressing a lot though! We are going to see miracles this transfer! 
Well I don't have much else to write but I love you all and I Pray for you everyday! :)

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