Sunday, September 1, 2013

Week 44

Good afternoon world!
Its been a remarkable week. We have 27 lessons this week and we have a lot of good things happening soon! 
SO, for starters I had the opportunity of teaching Paul and Ahmbroe. These 2 guys are  amazing! Like I mentioned in a previous email, they are from Nigeria and they are the  most humble people ever! I honestly haven't met more humble men in my life. And on Saturday they got Baptized! :DInline image 1
Such awesome guys! A Stake president told me that you can't teach people from Africa about God or faith cause they already have so much of it. But we can all learn from them,  and teach them the truths, and we all end up learning as one! I love Nigerians. I feel gypped cause I was sent to Provo where a lot of people either love the Church or hate it and they are hardend. But Its good cause in the end, I really love the people here, and you love the place you are serving. Eventually you say to yourself  "this is where I was meant to serve." I am grateful to be here in the UPM!  
So a lot of you have probably seen the Worldwide leadership meeting. Yes I was there. It Was an awesome experience! I really enjoyed that. Its a missionary's dream come true, telling the members that we as members need to help the missionary's. We were going to be in the front row, but they told us last minute that we need to be with leadership.
Inline image 2
But it was a lot of fun. I am excited for the Ipads! Coming in august for us. And by the end of the year, All missons will be able to have Ipads and Iphones. Truly amazing!
The Lord is Hastening the work. That is all I can say.
As for transfer calls! I am staying in Provo and I will be with Elder Kim from Seattle Washington. I am excited! And Elder Della Puca will be in Pleasant Grove With Elder Reed. Funny 'cause Elder Reed had a companion named Elder Dela Cruz And is now Getting Della Puca... Crazy.
Well I love you all , and Mission President told us that The work is Hastening, and is not going to slow down. The thing I think of now when that is said is... Bring it On!

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