Sunday, September 1, 2013

Week 50

Hello world!
Wow time is flying way too fast! I can't believe its already been almost a year. Man I can't believe it! And sooooooo much is happening. But I will first tell you about our week.
So for starters we have found many great new investigators! We found this one guy named Leonard. He's 53 years old and grew up in LA. When we first met with him he said he was only going to listen to the things he wants. Meaning he is going to filter the things he doesn't want to hear about. So we thought he wasn't going to be a very good person to teach. Then we saw him on Thursday. And he completely flipped 180! He said that he knows that he is doing wrong now! he said I am going to change! And If you can imagine a geto black man saying this quote right here you would crack up. " I don't wanna do Wha I wanna do! I only wanna do wha da Heavenly Fatha want me ta do!"  Our Lesson yesterday was pretty awesome! He could not stop telling us how this feeling of the Holy Ghost has made him so very happy! Actually he would not stop talking about it, we barely made it through the lesson haha. It was probably one of those experiences that I can't stop smiling about every time I hear it! 
So Now  I have a crazy new announcement. As Tuesday July 30 2013. The Utah Provo Mission will be allowed to use Facebook!!! :D And we will be using our own accounts. I don't know the details or how its all going to work. But I am actually excited! I can't wait! Exciting! 
SO Yeah I guess that's all I have to write about this week. But I can show you a picture of Elder Kim and I riding an antique firetruck!Inline image 1

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