Monday, December 3, 2012

Week 15!

Good Morning World! Its been forever since I last saw you!

So yeah I have been busy tracting and looking for teaching opportunities. We have a baptism next week for this 10 year old kid named Max. Hes adopted from Thailand and he is one of the most brilliant kids I have met! He is really excited to get baptized! He knows a lot considering how old he is!

So I have been really learning lately again how to follow the Spirit. And also how I need to carry oil everywhere I go! haha I had an experience where I didn't have any oil so lesson learned. I have also been noticing how the Priesthood is being used a lot in my mission. I have given more blessing in one week than I have in my time I was an elder. Its crazy!

But I am doing good I honestly don't have much to write this week. Everything has been great! But I love you all and I miss you guys soooooooo much! Next week I'll have more to write! Till next time!

-Elder Gleed
**Note:  Elder Gleed recieved a companion!  Hurray!  He will continue serving in Lindon. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Week 14

Hello world! its great to see, I mean write you.

Haha well this week has been good so far. I had my very first Thanksgiving on the Mission. So one down, one more to go! (Thanksgiving that is). So you probably are all asking "what is Thanksgiving like on the mission?" Well let me tell you. Our mission president told us a couple things.
One, we can play turkey bowl on Thanksgiving as a zone as long as no one gets hurt or they will never allow us to play again. So we did and no one got hurt thankfully! haha
Two, no tracting, contacting, or make appointments. just visit members places all day. Don't stay longer that an hour hour and a half at a members place or investigators places if they are ok with that.
So yeah we spent the whole day just going to different members houses. We had about 4 meals that day. Again I never want Pumpkin Pie again! haha
So this week I have been doing my thing of teaching by myself with RM splits and finding people to Teach. Its crazy.
I have been working on a few less actives this week. Its awesome to work with them. We taught a lesson to this guy who was less active and RM for 6 years and had a hard time feeling God loves him. So I had a Split with me that actually gave his farewell talk that Sunday and is leaving on Wednesday. So we asked him if we could practice the Restoration with him since my split wants some practice. Well it was funny cause I was passing the part where we talk about Heavenly Father blesses familys and the split went straight to the first vision haha.
So then he got stuck so i covered him. haha Reminds me of when I began. But we left a really good message . When we ended the Lesson I got the impression to ask the guy if he wanted a blessing. He said sure and he asked my split to do it. My split never gave a blessing Before so this was not only his first lesson he taught but his first blessing. He gave such a great blessing. The spirit was so strong. And the Less active RM felt something he hasn't felt in a long time. Man my Split had the biggest smile on his face and said when we got in the car "that was cool!" I smiled and thought you have no Idea man. Just wait till you are on your Mission. So I thought that was a cool experience. The guys going to be a stud missionary!
Well I have had a couple more experiences but I don't know if I could fit them on here. Plus I know people hate reading haha. But let me say this. I have learned this week how when we are listening to the spirit and being obedient, you start to see miracles happen. Its amazing how you see Heavenly Father hand in all the things you do as a missionary. But also in life in general. But I just wanna bear you my witness that these things are true. And I know them to be true with no Shadow of a doubt.

-Elder Gleed

Week 13

Dear Family Friends Relatives stalkers and everyone else who is reading this

So this week we had alot that has happen. We had Zone Conference and it was really good I learn sooo much from it!We talked about how alot of missionaries think that Fun and Obedience should be balanced. But President McCune said that thats what satan wants you to think. He said honestly its if you are obedient you will find this work fun. He said they are not opposites and they don't balance out. Its all one thing. I thought it was cool. So lesson learned is that we have to be obedient if we wanna have fun. If we are disobedient, then we will try to have fun. I thought it was cool. And we also went over what we learned from Elder Bednar when he came to speak to us. It was awesome!
So this week I got to know alot of people just by splits. I met a ton of good RMs who have been wanting to go out with the missionaries since they got home so they willingly volunteered. So throughout the week we just did allot of tracting and meeting with past investigators. Let me tell you that the Lord definently blesses you when you are obedient and you are constantly working hard. We already have a couple more people I will soon be meeting with. So yeah, its a big thing thats been happening I am really starting to feel that this area will soon explode with new investigators! Its crazy and very stressful. But I always say that the Lord never gives you challenges you can't handle. 

But yeah it has been a great week and I have had such great experiences. I love you all and I hope you know that I know that this Gospel is true and it bring such joy and happiness that nothing else could bring :)
Till then I will talk to you all later!

-Elder Gleed

Week 12

Week 12?! wow time flies! I have been out for 3 months! crazy crazy crazy!

So this week has definently been hard. I have been working on getting splits for me so that I can continue to work in Lindon. But lately I have had not that much success. But on Sunday I got a split list! I got at least 20+ people to go on splits with me! I am so grateful for that! I mean its hard enough to do missionary work on my own haha. And not only that, I also am going to teach this girl who has been going to church for a while and her boyfriend, who is a member, said she has been wanting to be baptized for years! Miracles are really starting to happen! I am so excited!
Also this week we had a great opportunity to hear Elder Bednar! It was so cool the spirit was sooo Strong! I learned how we need to treat our investigators like a person and not like an object! It was really cool i got to shake his hand!
But yeah I am really looking forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for me. This transfer is really starting to fly by! I can't believe it! next thing you know I am home. But I have already done 3 months and that has gone quick!
Any ways I love you all and thank you for all the support you give me! I know this gospels true! and am grateful for theimpact it has mad in my life! And now I am seeing how the gospel is impacting others :) What great joy this is!

-Elder Gleed

Week 11

Well hello world! So I have so much to say in so little time!

So for starters Elder Jarmans back has been killing him for the last couple weeks. And on Monday he saw 2 Chiropractors and it still didn't help. On Tuesday he ended up going to the hospital... yeah it was crazy! He got an MRI and it showed us that there was nothing wrong with his spine. At all! So he was still in soo much pain that President and Sis. McCune had us stay at the mission home. So on Wednesday he went to the E.R. again! cause he was at the point where he could not sit or walk. And he got a cat scan and nothing was wrong. So we finally left the E.R. and he went to physical Therapy and that he didn't feel like was helping him at all! So by Friday he and President Mccune decided that he would be medically Released....meaning he will go back to his home town and heal there. But since he can't sit, so he is staying in Spanish Fork with his Uncle and his family will fly out and help him till he can go back to North Carolina to completely heal. But I hope he comes back cause alot of times that happens and they don't come back... So hopefully he comes back. So I am now stuck with the Zone leaders till they figure out what is going to happen to me.

But on the bright side...


It was so cool. While Elder Jarman was in the Hospital on Tuesday we had an appointment during that time. So I got an RM split and we went to the lesson. And this guy is like 19 years old and was more than ready to be baptized! I was talking to him about the Book of Mormon and he said that he has been reading it since April... I didn't not expect that! An he said I am thinking I wanna convert to your Religion. I was so amazed! This kid is awesome! and I am pretty sure he is living the commandments. I am so stoked for this kid!

Well everyone as you can see it has been a hectic week! But I am sure that Heavenly Father is putting me here in this situation for a reason. I am with the Zone leaders working in both Lindon and Orem North. So lets see what is going to happen this week!!! Till then I will ttyl you guys later! You can still send me mail to the current address on Facebook. :)
-Elder Gleed

Monday, October 22, 2012

Week 9!

So yeah we have had a few things happen to us this week! Its crazy cause it was the last week of the transfers! So on Saturday We got the call for what is going to happen to Elder Jarman and I. And it turns out that we are both STAYING in Lindon! I'm excited and so is E. Jarman! But this will be his 2nd 6 month area his entire mission! That's crazy, just means that there is more work to be done here for him! So this Saturday we did ALLLOT of service. So we started at 10 am working at this Eternal investigator named Cecil . we worked for 2 hours cleaning his garden and he then fed us lunch! But the problem was that most of the food there had wheat in it! And E. Jarman can't have wheat! And the guy was like "My mom used to tell me there are starving children in China!" basically he was saying that we need to eat the whole thing! SO E. Jarman did... And he just threw up sooooooo much! It was not a good sound! Then we did more service for this lady who is widowed and she had us help her move her things to the storage unit and put it on the trailer. There was soooo much Food Storage. But when we got to the Junk yard to toss it this lady asked it she could have it. And so we gave it to her and so then we only threw away 2 items. And so then when we told the lady weighting us that and that they were both metals, she just let us go for free! the Widow lady was happy beyond belief!
But honestly other than that, there hasn't really been too much going on. But we got two referrals this week so we are going to contact them a hopefully this week will kick into gear! But I love you all and miss you all so dearly! I will have more pictures up soon!

Till then, Peace!!!

 Elder Gleed

Monday, October 1, 2012

Pictures! August/September

Week 6

Wow so I have been a missionary for 6 weeks now. Its crazy time has definitely flown by!

So this week we had zone conference with Brother McCallister. It was really good there was definitely a lot he said! So this week I have gotten better at contacting people on the streets. We have met a few homeless people this week. Actually funny thing is that we were teaching this Lady who told us about how hard her life is being homeless and was crying. Then out of the random this guy yells out his car window, "YEEEAAAHHHH!!!" and it scared her completely. So yeah sometimes people just need to not do that to missionaries haha.
I finally managed to get a guitar!!! We were having dinner at this members house and they had a guitar and I was playing it and they asked if I was allowed to have a guitar. I said yeah as long as we do it when we have some down time. And they asked if I have one and I said no. So they gave me that guitar and said you can give it back before your transfers are done or whenever... Wow I was shocked haha But I am thankful for it!
So this week we taught a few people. We actually stopped by this guys house who was not a member who recently moved there not too long ago. He was cool he said that he is from Oklahoma and he is a strong Christian lover. He mentioned to us that he used to have us come in all the time to just Bible bash us... But he said he wouldn't do that haha. But we talked with him and his roommate came in and he was an inactive member and started going off the wall with some questions. So yeah it was interesting haha. But we didn't Bible bash or anything and he said we could come back anytime.
So the things we are working on are a little different than what I have heard. So now missionary work is going through the members now. Because tracting is not that effective. So we want members to warm them up for us and help them to accept the missionary discussions and to be with them during the discussions so that was there is more retention. So yeah right now that's what we are doing with less actives right now.
So I decided that today I am going to do a "things that you would only hear in Utah" So we have

  • "So its not that church building. Its the one right next to it, the brown one."
  • "Oh My HECK!"
  • "lets go up the Mouann!" (hurts my ears when its said like that haha)
  • A guy yelling out his car holding his scriptures " THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!"
Yeah there's more that I will write but not now. Haha
So I love you all!! The gospels true and I know Jesus Christ Atoned for our sins and we have a Prophet living on the earth today.

-Elder Gleed

Monday, September 24, 2012

Week 5

WOW! I can't believe I have been a missionary for 5 weeks now. Its crazy!
So this week we had another Baptism. His name is Brian and he Loves the Gospel! Like he is every missionary's dream investigator. He and I have become good friends. He asked me to speak at his baptism, which I hate speaking but I did it and everyone said I did a good job. But Yeah like last night he lived the life of a missionary. He gave a spiritual thought at the dinner we had last night and did great! I love that guy!
So far this week we have been working on contacting people on the street (cause I need to work on that). I'm getting better though! And we have done service this week to a lady who owns a ranch and needed help at their ranch cause shes widowed with her daughter and it was just hard for her. They had like 3-4 horses, and they just moved to a new house so we helped them move. We also mowed our land lords back lawn. We did allot of service this week.
So this week I have lost weight!! Like there is this suit that my trainer has that gets passed down from Trainer to trainee. My suit is a 38 waste. This Suit is between 33 and 35 waste. and I can fit into it! I have never been happier to fit into a suit in my life! And it looks good  too. Its a grey suit.
So anyways hows life everybody? Whats new in the world that I used to know?
Just so everyone knows, I know this Church is True, and that Heavenly Father has a plan for us and its a plan that leads to happiness! I love you all! Till next Time!
-Elder Gleed

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

So this is it!

Wow I don't believe it... From the time I can first remember it I have always wanted to serve a mission, and now here I am. Waiting and being patient for when I have to leave. I'm pretty much packed up I've said ALLOT of goodbyes. Its weird, cause when I usually say goodbye, I was saying that to other Missionary's or friends I would never see again. Now I'm the one leaving!! What the heck?!?!

Everyone has asked "how are you feeling?" Well I guess Peace, but also kinda nervous... But still looking forward to it! When I look forward, it looks like a long time! but then I look back and realize I graduated from High school 2 years ago... and one of my best friends comes home a month after me!! Time flies!

Well I don't like sounding like a blogger so I am going to get off now and go finish packing... But to those who are reading this, Have fun! and See you in 2 year!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Wow I hate blogs!

So here I am making a blog for my mission/life after my mission. I decided this is the best way that people can find out about me and I can upload pictures on this! So I will plan on writing one more blog before my mission.  Till then happy blogging!

What do ya wanna know?