Monday, November 26, 2012

Week 14

Hello world! its great to see, I mean write you.

Haha well this week has been good so far. I had my very first Thanksgiving on the Mission. So one down, one more to go! (Thanksgiving that is). So you probably are all asking "what is Thanksgiving like on the mission?" Well let me tell you. Our mission president told us a couple things.
One, we can play turkey bowl on Thanksgiving as a zone as long as no one gets hurt or they will never allow us to play again. So we did and no one got hurt thankfully! haha
Two, no tracting, contacting, or make appointments. just visit members places all day. Don't stay longer that an hour hour and a half at a members place or investigators places if they are ok with that.
So yeah we spent the whole day just going to different members houses. We had about 4 meals that day. Again I never want Pumpkin Pie again! haha
So this week I have been doing my thing of teaching by myself with RM splits and finding people to Teach. Its crazy.
I have been working on a few less actives this week. Its awesome to work with them. We taught a lesson to this guy who was less active and RM for 6 years and had a hard time feeling God loves him. So I had a Split with me that actually gave his farewell talk that Sunday and is leaving on Wednesday. So we asked him if we could practice the Restoration with him since my split wants some practice. Well it was funny cause I was passing the part where we talk about Heavenly Father blesses familys and the split went straight to the first vision haha.
So then he got stuck so i covered him. haha Reminds me of when I began. But we left a really good message . When we ended the Lesson I got the impression to ask the guy if he wanted a blessing. He said sure and he asked my split to do it. My split never gave a blessing Before so this was not only his first lesson he taught but his first blessing. He gave such a great blessing. The spirit was so strong. And the Less active RM felt something he hasn't felt in a long time. Man my Split had the biggest smile on his face and said when we got in the car "that was cool!" I smiled and thought you have no Idea man. Just wait till you are on your Mission. So I thought that was a cool experience. The guys going to be a stud missionary!
Well I have had a couple more experiences but I don't know if I could fit them on here. Plus I know people hate reading haha. But let me say this. I have learned this week how when we are listening to the spirit and being obedient, you start to see miracles happen. Its amazing how you see Heavenly Father hand in all the things you do as a missionary. But also in life in general. But I just wanna bear you my witness that these things are true. And I know them to be true with no Shadow of a doubt.

-Elder Gleed

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