Monday, November 26, 2012

Week 11

Well hello world! So I have so much to say in so little time!

So for starters Elder Jarmans back has been killing him for the last couple weeks. And on Monday he saw 2 Chiropractors and it still didn't help. On Tuesday he ended up going to the hospital... yeah it was crazy! He got an MRI and it showed us that there was nothing wrong with his spine. At all! So he was still in soo much pain that President and Sis. McCune had us stay at the mission home. So on Wednesday he went to the E.R. again! cause he was at the point where he could not sit or walk. And he got a cat scan and nothing was wrong. So we finally left the E.R. and he went to physical Therapy and that he didn't feel like was helping him at all! So by Friday he and President Mccune decided that he would be medically Released....meaning he will go back to his home town and heal there. But since he can't sit, so he is staying in Spanish Fork with his Uncle and his family will fly out and help him till he can go back to North Carolina to completely heal. But I hope he comes back cause alot of times that happens and they don't come back... So hopefully he comes back. So I am now stuck with the Zone leaders till they figure out what is going to happen to me.

But on the bright side...


It was so cool. While Elder Jarman was in the Hospital on Tuesday we had an appointment during that time. So I got an RM split and we went to the lesson. And this guy is like 19 years old and was more than ready to be baptized! I was talking to him about the Book of Mormon and he said that he has been reading it since April... I didn't not expect that! An he said I am thinking I wanna convert to your Religion. I was so amazed! This kid is awesome! and I am pretty sure he is living the commandments. I am so stoked for this kid!

Well everyone as you can see it has been a hectic week! But I am sure that Heavenly Father is putting me here in this situation for a reason. I am with the Zone leaders working in both Lindon and Orem North. So lets see what is going to happen this week!!! Till then I will ttyl you guys later! You can still send me mail to the current address on Facebook. :)
-Elder Gleed

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