Monday, October 22, 2012

Week 9!

So yeah we have had a few things happen to us this week! Its crazy cause it was the last week of the transfers! So on Saturday We got the call for what is going to happen to Elder Jarman and I. And it turns out that we are both STAYING in Lindon! I'm excited and so is E. Jarman! But this will be his 2nd 6 month area his entire mission! That's crazy, just means that there is more work to be done here for him! So this Saturday we did ALLLOT of service. So we started at 10 am working at this Eternal investigator named Cecil . we worked for 2 hours cleaning his garden and he then fed us lunch! But the problem was that most of the food there had wheat in it! And E. Jarman can't have wheat! And the guy was like "My mom used to tell me there are starving children in China!" basically he was saying that we need to eat the whole thing! SO E. Jarman did... And he just threw up sooooooo much! It was not a good sound! Then we did more service for this lady who is widowed and she had us help her move her things to the storage unit and put it on the trailer. There was soooo much Food Storage. But when we got to the Junk yard to toss it this lady asked it she could have it. And so we gave it to her and so then we only threw away 2 items. And so then when we told the lady weighting us that and that they were both metals, she just let us go for free! the Widow lady was happy beyond belief!
But honestly other than that, there hasn't really been too much going on. But we got two referrals this week so we are going to contact them a hopefully this week will kick into gear! But I love you all and miss you all so dearly! I will have more pictures up soon!

Till then, Peace!!!

 Elder Gleed

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