Monday, October 1, 2012

Week 6

Wow so I have been a missionary for 6 weeks now. Its crazy time has definitely flown by!

So this week we had zone conference with Brother McCallister. It was really good there was definitely a lot he said! So this week I have gotten better at contacting people on the streets. We have met a few homeless people this week. Actually funny thing is that we were teaching this Lady who told us about how hard her life is being homeless and was crying. Then out of the random this guy yells out his car window, "YEEEAAAHHHH!!!" and it scared her completely. So yeah sometimes people just need to not do that to missionaries haha.
I finally managed to get a guitar!!! We were having dinner at this members house and they had a guitar and I was playing it and they asked if I was allowed to have a guitar. I said yeah as long as we do it when we have some down time. And they asked if I have one and I said no. So they gave me that guitar and said you can give it back before your transfers are done or whenever... Wow I was shocked haha But I am thankful for it!
So this week we taught a few people. We actually stopped by this guys house who was not a member who recently moved there not too long ago. He was cool he said that he is from Oklahoma and he is a strong Christian lover. He mentioned to us that he used to have us come in all the time to just Bible bash us... But he said he wouldn't do that haha. But we talked with him and his roommate came in and he was an inactive member and started going off the wall with some questions. So yeah it was interesting haha. But we didn't Bible bash or anything and he said we could come back anytime.
So the things we are working on are a little different than what I have heard. So now missionary work is going through the members now. Because tracting is not that effective. So we want members to warm them up for us and help them to accept the missionary discussions and to be with them during the discussions so that was there is more retention. So yeah right now that's what we are doing with less actives right now.
So I decided that today I am going to do a "things that you would only hear in Utah" So we have

  • "So its not that church building. Its the one right next to it, the brown one."
  • "Oh My HECK!"
  • "lets go up the Mouann!" (hurts my ears when its said like that haha)
  • A guy yelling out his car holding his scriptures " THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!"
Yeah there's more that I will write but not now. Haha
So I love you all!! The gospels true and I know Jesus Christ Atoned for our sins and we have a Prophet living on the earth today.

-Elder Gleed

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