Monday, February 25, 2013

Week 27

Ok so I will start the every other week of my blog next week if there isn't any exciting news.

But so I thought I would announce a couple things that have happened this week. So for starters I turned 6 months old in the mission! I have finished 1/4 of my mission. It has both gone by fast but it has been slow as well. But now it is starting to pick up the more harder I work. I am amazed how a mission has changed me these past 6 months. I am thinner and I have grow so much in character, and spiritually. I am amazed how the spirit works through me. I have been making promises that I would normally never make to people. I recite scriptures that I swear I have only read once or twice and I am teaching like I have never taught before. I am amazed at what has been accomplished since I have gotten here. So many miracles and so many changes and announcements. I feel so blessed to be in the middle of all these wonderful things happening.

As for the rest of my week we recently put the 2 French kids we have been teaching for a while on date to be baptized on March 16th. I am so excited for them! But we also put Aly on date for March 16th and Alex on date for March 16th... So 4 baptisms will be happening on march 16th... That is crazy!! haha I am excited! I can't wait since they have been such great people to teach! I really look forward to it!

Another cool thing happened. So back in like October I met a guy named Shane. We knocked on his door one day and the first thing he said was " Mormons? I used to invite y'all in and Bible bash with y'al!" We met with him like twice and we couldn't catch him after that. But just about a couple weeks ago we get a call and the guy says "We've got a live one!" And sure enough it is the same Shane that I met a few months ago and he wants to progress to baptism!... I have to say the Lord really prepares his people. He said he read the Book of Mormon twice! And he is going to church and everything! Wow talk about prepared. We met with Shane on Tuesday and he said he wants to study the Book of Mormon now that he has read it. He really wants to progress to baptism and he is determined! That is awesome!!! :D

Well everybody I wish I could post a picture but I can't right now but I love you all and I hope you have a great week! The Gospel is true and it has been restored on the earth again!       

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Email from one mom to another

Dear Sis. Gleed~

 I ran into your Elder at the church the other day and noticed how fit he is! Then he sent us a text saying they had an open dinner appt. So we jumped on it! It was so nice to sit and visit with them again. We had to show them our new Nerf guns. This was their Men in Black pose. They are doing so good and working hard. Thank you for sending a great young man to our area!!  

 Wendy Robinson

Week 26 February 18, 2013

Hello World its a great day in Utah. The snow is starting to melt and things are going good :) 
We recently got our transfer calls ready for this?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
I am staying in Lindon for another 6 week! haha Wow I will have been here for 7 1/2 months at the end of this transfer! Crazy! Also I hit my 6 month mark on Friday. Pretty crazy how time is flying and how so much is happening! Its amazing! I can't believe how much has happened and how fast things are happening! I'm pretty amazed myself :)
So yeah this week was Valentines week and what do missionaries do during then? Well for starters we just simply heart attack the other Elders apartment and we decorate cookies with our investigators. Its pretty cool not gonna lie.
We have put Aly on date for March 23rd. We really look forward to it! She is so excited and she is so prepared! 

We are teaching this kid named Alex and I have to say this is probably the first time I have seen how some changes come through the Gospel. He at first wasn't a fan of church or anything and he had some issues with Utah people and how it feels like there is either Mormons or non Mormons there. But now he loves it when we teach and he went from just listening to the lessons to asking and talking about the lesson. Its pretty cool how that change has been made in him. 
Well Honestly I don't have much to report and I am thinking now that I am going to start doing these emails every other week. So I am going to start doing that. But I love you all and I miss you so much. I pray that you all are strengthend as I am away. Take care till next time! 

Week 25 February 11, 2013

This week has been really good! But there has been a couple bumps in the roads.
So we are aloud to workout at the gym as long as it was in the morning and we don't cut into personal study. Well while we were at the gym this random guy that I have never met in my life talks to Elder Makuakane and I and asks us to leave. He Said we are not aloud to be here. The crazy thing is he said allot of stupid things like If you don't leave in 5 mins you will be sent home tonight and you will be excommunicated. He also said that this time was for personal study (at 6 o'clock in the morning?) and that there were scandalous women around. The funny thing was that all the women were dressed very modestly and I am pretty sure there was only one person who had a tanktop on. He asked us to leave and he didn't even work there. So we left and then we call president to forewarn him that he is going to get a complaint and we didn't do anything. The funny thing about President McCune is the guy complained to him and told him about the women and he said that we teach scandalous women. And he also said If I didn't want my missionaries around women I wouldn't allow them to go to church. OOOOOOOOOO I love my Mission President. Hopefully things will get settled out and we can go back to the gym :) (**They are now going to another gym and all is well)

So about my week. This week we had a baptism for Brooke and Jessica. Its was such a great baptism! Over 200 people showed up to it! It was pretty much like sacrament meeting. It was awesome. I am so happy for those girls. But now their members and I can't do too much after that besides teach them new member lessons! haha No but I loved teaching those girls. :) They are going to be awesome members of the church :)

Another good thing that happened was that we recently put 3 people on date this week! Its awesome and they are are so ready for it! We are currently teaching 2 French kids named Anourack and Pierre. The 2 guys from France who are here to learn English. They have been going to church for the past few months. they are ready to be baptized. But we need to talk about faith a little more with them cause their culture is not really religious. But they are ready! 

 O and I also bought a guitar. Its not bad, but its not like my guitar back home :(

Well everybody I hope you all have a great day and I can't believe its been 6 months almost. Time is flying so I better not waste it. Till next time! 

Week 24 February 4, 2013

Well everyone its been crazy here in Lindon. For starters... We got a car! I was so happy about that! Now even more work can be done! Its a brand new 2013 Toyota Corolla. Its beautiful! I love it. But I am not the driver... sad I wish I was :( O well haha.

So we have been doing a lot this week. We just picked up 2 French guys who are living with their aunt and uncle and are taking the discussions. They are so good! They have been going to church for the past couple months now! Its awesome! They are teaching me a little French. like Bonjour and Como seva! Bien is the same in French and Spanish. I didn't know that.
So on P-day last week we had a volleyball tournament. District against district. So we decided to go all out. And we all bought matching shirts. They say "U Mad Bro?" haha it was awesome! I am pretty sure we won. We forgot to keep score. but it was awesome!

Also I saw this sign on a door that said "No Soliciting, and Don't Try To Save My Soul" Thats the first time I have ever seen one haha. 
We have been teaching a lot and we got 3 new people to teach people. And we have been teaching 25 lessons! Its so cool! I love teaching a lot of lessons! Its makes the work more enjoyable :) We also have a baptism this week for Brooke and Jessica. They are so excited for their baptism and they are more than ready! I am so excited for them as well! :) Allot will probably happen in the next couple weeks. And I am excited to write and tell you about it :)

I love you all and know that I miss you too. I am so grateful I am on a mission right now. Its is a great experience. I have grown so much both physically and spiritually. Its amazing. I am surprised that on the 22nd of this month I have been out 6 months. I hear it picks up speed even more after that. I am excited though to see even more of the Lord work on my mission. Its going to be great. Till next time!

Week 23 January 28, 2013

Well Hello world! I have to say this week has to been one of my favorite weeks in my mission. We have been seeing miracles happening left and right. Literally. Have written 2 pages in my journal about 1 day... like 2 or 3 times. I have to say that I can see the Lords hand in this area and how he is preparing his children to receive the gospel.
Sometimes we have bad time though. We recently had a lady drop us cause she felt like she was wasting our time and she has major PTSD. But how she dropped us was pretty interesting. She gave us a card saying goodbye and explaining everything, and she gave us cookie... Yeah I had something similar to that except it was with banana bread... people in Utah are so nice! haha But that is a ton of Cookies!!! haha a
As you see in the picture. So thats a nice way to say goodbye to the missionaries.
So Yesterday was very busy! We spoke for 5 mins in a sacrament, taught primary for 2 hours, then went to teach Teddy. We recently gave Teddy a challenge to give a prayer of gratitude. He really wants to know his Father in Heaven but hes having a hard time. So we told him to do this. We have been telling him to pray for a long time but this time we gave him something to pray about. Then we went to a ward to give a helping hand then we had Correlation and then had dinner with Courtneys Family. After dinner we then taught her step sister Allie for 15 mins on the restoration. Then she had to go. So we then taught Courtney about Tithing and temples. Then we booked it to Brooke and Jessica's place to give them a lesson. We showed them the video "Only a Stone Cutter". I won't go into details about it but after the movie we bore our testimonies about how we need to act and not be acted upon. And we said many other things that I don't remember. But it was awesome!
But yeah we recently got 4 new people to teach this week! I am so happy! Miracles are happening!
Well everyone just know that I love you all and I miss you and know that I know this Church is true and The gospel really does bring happiness!
I also want to give a shout out to Uncle Scott and tell him happy birthday!!! 
Love you all and till we meet again! 

Week 22 January 21, 2013

Hello world! It is a great day here in Utah. It is on average between 7 and 11 degrees here. Yeah its gotten record cold this year. First time in 60 years. And I thought that was crazy!
So life is good! I recently got a new companion! His name is Elder Makuakane from Hawaii! (to pronounce his name you pronounce the vowels) He is so awesome! A really hard worker and such a great teacher. He has been in the field for 9 months now. He was baptized when he was 8, but didn't go to church till he was 18. He lived a rough life and wasn't till he was 18 he fully came back. And now he is a missionary so awesome! I look forward to working with him!
This week we have been working hard. We have been working with, and getting back in touch with a lot of less actives. Some of them I haven't seen in like a month and they welcomed us in! We have been mainly doing that. This one lady we haven't seen in a while who I though hated us, when she saw us let us in and had us share a spiritual though. It was cool.
Our investigators, Brook and Jessica, were just talking about their baptism and whats going to happen. I look forward to seeing them get baptized!
This week we are planning on 17 lesson this week! I have never been so happy in my life. I have never had that many lessons in a week! Crazy! I am excited.
So anyways thats just the jist of things that have happened. I have been doing a lot in this area. I can't believe I have been out 6 months in February! Time is starting to move fast! I am starting to like the mission life. So much fun! 
Well sorry everyone that I didn't write much but know this I love my Savior and he Loves us! I am grateful for the gospel and how it changes lives. I miss you all and have a great week! 

                                                           Elder Makuakane!

Week 21 January 14, 2013

Ello World! Its is a beautiful day today in Utah. Temperature about 10'F. So yeah it is cold! but its not bad I don't mind it too much.

So today we had TRANSFER CALLS! And so the moment we have all been waiting for. Where on Earth (or in Utah) Is Elder Gleed going? Drum roll please!
I'm staying in Lindon for another 5 week! Haha I was surprised! Elder Reichert is going to be leaving and is becoming a Zone Leader. And I am companions with Elder Makuakane from Hawaii! So I am looking forward to it! I admit I kinda wanted to switch areas and take and explore other places. But its not what I want but its what the Lord wants. I look forward to seeing what else the Lord has in store for me in Lindon! This is going to be my first 6 month area! Crazy!

So to give you an update on my week. So we are teaching these 2 girls named Brooke and Jessica from the singles ward. They are so awesome! They go to church and study the scriptures and everything. Its amazing. We put both of them on Date for February 9th! So it looks like I will be here to see them get baptized! 
We did some exchanges this week I was with Elder Hatch for a day. And it was a lot of fun. He's a wrestler from Arizona. He's actually #1 ranked in Arizona. He and I had some fun times. I was a super hero! And we wrestled... of course I lost.
So lets see what else happened? O, so yesterday we sat through 3 sacrament meetings... in a row. My head was going to explode! So much sacrament in 3 hours! Never doing that again! haha 

Well anyways I love you all and I miss you all as well. I appreciate all your guys support. I will have been out for 6 months on February 22nd. Its amazing. Well I will also leave you with another picture of a cool family we have dinner with allot. they are the Sills Family and yeah they are probably the funniest family in Utah!
Well I will talk to you all later! Love ya!

Week 18 Dec. 24, 2012

Well hello everyone!
Well this week is the week we all know as Christmas week. Its is not only a time to rejoice and give a lot of love. But it is a time to look upon Jesus Christ and his birth and all that he has done for us. It is a miracle that he could die for our sins and did this for us! I am so grateful for that.
So this week we taught a less active who one day calls her Young women's president and said she wants to come back to church and wants to take the discussions. She is on fire! She is now going back to church and she understands everything!
This other less active is an RM and he has gone to church twice! And is wanting home teachers to help him with his problems! Its amazing!  
Also,  this week we had our Christmas zone conference! It was awesome! We had a great opportunity to listen to Greg Olsen! (yes the painter) He did so great he showed us his pictures and explained stories and meaning about them. One of them had his daughter in it and he explained that he gave here a poster of that and he would always tell his daughter Jesus loves you. Well then he had another little girl named Julie and he told her that Jesus loves her and she pointed to the picture and said "No Dad. Jesus loves Rebecca". Well realizing that, he took a small picture of it scanned it and photo shopped her face on it and after that she said Jesus loves ME!! It was so cool. He mentioned 2 things when it comes to Painting the Savior. He mentions that he must look manly and he must look ordinary. I thought that was interesting. I leave that for you all to think about that.
So then we had a talent show. There were a couple good ones and few strange ones but yeah. Then our mission President let us watch Brave! I had never seen that movie before! So I was excited. It was good and yeah that was what happened at Mission conference :)
Well everyone I wish you all a merry Christmas and thank you all for your support. I am grateful to be serving my Lord and my Savior. I miss you all and Merry Christmas Again!     

Week 17 Dec. 17, 2012

Ah, another week gone by and its almost one more week till Christmas. Its crazy cause I have never been away from home for Christmas. It is really a new thing for me. But hey, I'm doing missionary work so its all good. I do miss everybody though. No tree in our house, fireplace, mistletoe-I mean!!! Christmas playing in the house 24/7...

Anyways! So this week has been good! We recently had the baptism and confirmation of Max Ashton! This kid is awesome! So smart and loves the gospel and its principles. I am looking forward to seeing him when I get back from my mission and see how the gospel has made him grow :)
Everybody here is probably asking the question so what are you doing for Christmas? And such. Well for Christmas we are told to not proselyte and just visit families all day. I will either call my parents or skype them. I can do either or but I can only Skype for 30 mins :(
So lets see what else has happened? So we are teaching this girl who is ready for baptism but we need to go through all the lessons and she is so nervous about praying about Joseph Smith. She is only scared cause she knows that her live is going to change completely once she does it. We got a new less active we are teaching. We are also teaching this less active guy named Teddy (short for Theodore). Yesterday I did splits while my companion taught a mission prep for another ward. And so i was doing a lesson like I did last transfer. This lesson i gotta say was very spiritual and very powerful. I can honestly say that from that I do know this church is true and our Father in Heaven loves us sooo much. Well, I am sending a few picture to you guys to day but it will be a few emails since I can only do like 1 or 2 pictures at a time. But I love you all and I wish you all a Merry Christmas!    

Week 16 Dec. 16, 2012

Why Hello world!
After many weeks of not having a companion I have finally received one! His name is Elder Riecheirt ( I hope I spelled his name right haha) Hes from Wyoming and he has been out 18 months. Hes a great missionary. This week we have been updating the area books and we have been visiting past investigators. We are basically building up the area and we are working on finding new people to teach and working on new investigators. Today we have a baptism for Max Aston. Hes 10 years old and he is so awesome! I am so excited for him! I really enjoyed teaching that kid :) But this week we will be working our butts off and I am looking forward to seeing this area explode! With lesson and teaching! I am excited! I wish I could tell you more but honestly its just mainly building up the area this week. But I just want to bear you my testimony that I know these things are true and I know my Father in Heaven loves us all and gives us trials that make us grow and become stronger. I love and miss you all and keep writing me cause I love getting letters :) 

What do ya wanna know?