Thursday, February 21, 2013

Week 16 Dec. 16, 2012

Why Hello world!
After many weeks of not having a companion I have finally received one! His name is Elder Riecheirt ( I hope I spelled his name right haha) Hes from Wyoming and he has been out 18 months. Hes a great missionary. This week we have been updating the area books and we have been visiting past investigators. We are basically building up the area and we are working on finding new people to teach and working on new investigators. Today we have a baptism for Max Aston. Hes 10 years old and he is so awesome! I am so excited for him! I really enjoyed teaching that kid :) But this week we will be working our butts off and I am looking forward to seeing this area explode! With lesson and teaching! I am excited! I wish I could tell you more but honestly its just mainly building up the area this week. But I just want to bear you my testimony that I know these things are true and I know my Father in Heaven loves us all and gives us trials that make us grow and become stronger. I love and miss you all and keep writing me cause I love getting letters :) 

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