Monday, February 25, 2013

Week 27

Ok so I will start the every other week of my blog next week if there isn't any exciting news.

But so I thought I would announce a couple things that have happened this week. So for starters I turned 6 months old in the mission! I have finished 1/4 of my mission. It has both gone by fast but it has been slow as well. But now it is starting to pick up the more harder I work. I am amazed how a mission has changed me these past 6 months. I am thinner and I have grow so much in character, and spiritually. I am amazed how the spirit works through me. I have been making promises that I would normally never make to people. I recite scriptures that I swear I have only read once or twice and I am teaching like I have never taught before. I am amazed at what has been accomplished since I have gotten here. So many miracles and so many changes and announcements. I feel so blessed to be in the middle of all these wonderful things happening.

As for the rest of my week we recently put the 2 French kids we have been teaching for a while on date to be baptized on March 16th. I am so excited for them! But we also put Aly on date for March 16th and Alex on date for March 16th... So 4 baptisms will be happening on march 16th... That is crazy!! haha I am excited! I can't wait since they have been such great people to teach! I really look forward to it!

Another cool thing happened. So back in like October I met a guy named Shane. We knocked on his door one day and the first thing he said was " Mormons? I used to invite y'all in and Bible bash with y'al!" We met with him like twice and we couldn't catch him after that. But just about a couple weeks ago we get a call and the guy says "We've got a live one!" And sure enough it is the same Shane that I met a few months ago and he wants to progress to baptism!... I have to say the Lord really prepares his people. He said he read the Book of Mormon twice! And he is going to church and everything! Wow talk about prepared. We met with Shane on Tuesday and he said he wants to study the Book of Mormon now that he has read it. He really wants to progress to baptism and he is determined! That is awesome!!! :D

Well everybody I wish I could post a picture but I can't right now but I love you all and I hope you have a great week! The Gospel is true and it has been restored on the earth again!       

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