Thursday, February 21, 2013

Week 23 January 28, 2013

Well Hello world! I have to say this week has to been one of my favorite weeks in my mission. We have been seeing miracles happening left and right. Literally. Have written 2 pages in my journal about 1 day... like 2 or 3 times. I have to say that I can see the Lords hand in this area and how he is preparing his children to receive the gospel.
Sometimes we have bad time though. We recently had a lady drop us cause she felt like she was wasting our time and she has major PTSD. But how she dropped us was pretty interesting. She gave us a card saying goodbye and explaining everything, and she gave us cookie... Yeah I had something similar to that except it was with banana bread... people in Utah are so nice! haha But that is a ton of Cookies!!! haha a
As you see in the picture. So thats a nice way to say goodbye to the missionaries.
So Yesterday was very busy! We spoke for 5 mins in a sacrament, taught primary for 2 hours, then went to teach Teddy. We recently gave Teddy a challenge to give a prayer of gratitude. He really wants to know his Father in Heaven but hes having a hard time. So we told him to do this. We have been telling him to pray for a long time but this time we gave him something to pray about. Then we went to a ward to give a helping hand then we had Correlation and then had dinner with Courtneys Family. After dinner we then taught her step sister Allie for 15 mins on the restoration. Then she had to go. So we then taught Courtney about Tithing and temples. Then we booked it to Brooke and Jessica's place to give them a lesson. We showed them the video "Only a Stone Cutter". I won't go into details about it but after the movie we bore our testimonies about how we need to act and not be acted upon. And we said many other things that I don't remember. But it was awesome!
But yeah we recently got 4 new people to teach this week! I am so happy! Miracles are happening!
Well everyone just know that I love you all and I miss you and know that I know this Church is true and The gospel really does bring happiness!
I also want to give a shout out to Uncle Scott and tell him happy birthday!!! 
Love you all and till we meet again! 

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