Thursday, February 21, 2013

Week 17 Dec. 17, 2012

Ah, another week gone by and its almost one more week till Christmas. Its crazy cause I have never been away from home for Christmas. It is really a new thing for me. But hey, I'm doing missionary work so its all good. I do miss everybody though. No tree in our house, fireplace, mistletoe-I mean!!! Christmas playing in the house 24/7...

Anyways! So this week has been good! We recently had the baptism and confirmation of Max Ashton! This kid is awesome! So smart and loves the gospel and its principles. I am looking forward to seeing him when I get back from my mission and see how the gospel has made him grow :)
Everybody here is probably asking the question so what are you doing for Christmas? And such. Well for Christmas we are told to not proselyte and just visit families all day. I will either call my parents or skype them. I can do either or but I can only Skype for 30 mins :(
So lets see what else has happened? So we are teaching this girl who is ready for baptism but we need to go through all the lessons and she is so nervous about praying about Joseph Smith. She is only scared cause she knows that her live is going to change completely once she does it. We got a new less active we are teaching. We are also teaching this less active guy named Teddy (short for Theodore). Yesterday I did splits while my companion taught a mission prep for another ward. And so i was doing a lesson like I did last transfer. This lesson i gotta say was very spiritual and very powerful. I can honestly say that from that I do know this church is true and our Father in Heaven loves us sooo much. Well, I am sending a few picture to you guys to day but it will be a few emails since I can only do like 1 or 2 pictures at a time. But I love you all and I wish you all a Merry Christmas!    

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