Thursday, February 21, 2013

Week 21 January 14, 2013

Ello World! Its is a beautiful day today in Utah. Temperature about 10'F. So yeah it is cold! but its not bad I don't mind it too much.

So today we had TRANSFER CALLS! And so the moment we have all been waiting for. Where on Earth (or in Utah) Is Elder Gleed going? Drum roll please!
I'm staying in Lindon for another 5 week! Haha I was surprised! Elder Reichert is going to be leaving and is becoming a Zone Leader. And I am companions with Elder Makuakane from Hawaii! So I am looking forward to it! I admit I kinda wanted to switch areas and take and explore other places. But its not what I want but its what the Lord wants. I look forward to seeing what else the Lord has in store for me in Lindon! This is going to be my first 6 month area! Crazy!

So to give you an update on my week. So we are teaching these 2 girls named Brooke and Jessica from the singles ward. They are so awesome! They go to church and study the scriptures and everything. Its amazing. We put both of them on Date for February 9th! So it looks like I will be here to see them get baptized! 
We did some exchanges this week I was with Elder Hatch for a day. And it was a lot of fun. He's a wrestler from Arizona. He's actually #1 ranked in Arizona. He and I had some fun times. I was a super hero! And we wrestled... of course I lost.
So lets see what else happened? O, so yesterday we sat through 3 sacrament meetings... in a row. My head was going to explode! So much sacrament in 3 hours! Never doing that again! haha 

Well anyways I love you all and I miss you all as well. I appreciate all your guys support. I will have been out for 6 months on February 22nd. Its amazing. Well I will also leave you with another picture of a cool family we have dinner with allot. they are the Sills Family and yeah they are probably the funniest family in Utah!
Well I will talk to you all later! Love ya!

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