Thursday, February 21, 2013

Week 25 February 11, 2013

This week has been really good! But there has been a couple bumps in the roads.
So we are aloud to workout at the gym as long as it was in the morning and we don't cut into personal study. Well while we were at the gym this random guy that I have never met in my life talks to Elder Makuakane and I and asks us to leave. He Said we are not aloud to be here. The crazy thing is he said allot of stupid things like If you don't leave in 5 mins you will be sent home tonight and you will be excommunicated. He also said that this time was for personal study (at 6 o'clock in the morning?) and that there were scandalous women around. The funny thing was that all the women were dressed very modestly and I am pretty sure there was only one person who had a tanktop on. He asked us to leave and he didn't even work there. So we left and then we call president to forewarn him that he is going to get a complaint and we didn't do anything. The funny thing about President McCune is the guy complained to him and told him about the women and he said that we teach scandalous women. And he also said If I didn't want my missionaries around women I wouldn't allow them to go to church. OOOOOOOOOO I love my Mission President. Hopefully things will get settled out and we can go back to the gym :) (**They are now going to another gym and all is well)

So about my week. This week we had a baptism for Brooke and Jessica. Its was such a great baptism! Over 200 people showed up to it! It was pretty much like sacrament meeting. It was awesome. I am so happy for those girls. But now their members and I can't do too much after that besides teach them new member lessons! haha No but I loved teaching those girls. :) They are going to be awesome members of the church :)

Another good thing that happened was that we recently put 3 people on date this week! Its awesome and they are are so ready for it! We are currently teaching 2 French kids named Anourack and Pierre. The 2 guys from France who are here to learn English. They have been going to church for the past few months. they are ready to be baptized. But we need to talk about faith a little more with them cause their culture is not really religious. But they are ready! 

 O and I also bought a guitar. Its not bad, but its not like my guitar back home :(

Well everybody I hope you all have a great day and I can't believe its been 6 months almost. Time is flying so I better not waste it. Till next time! 

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