Thursday, February 21, 2013

Week 24 February 4, 2013

Well everyone its been crazy here in Lindon. For starters... We got a car! I was so happy about that! Now even more work can be done! Its a brand new 2013 Toyota Corolla. Its beautiful! I love it. But I am not the driver... sad I wish I was :( O well haha.

So we have been doing a lot this week. We just picked up 2 French guys who are living with their aunt and uncle and are taking the discussions. They are so good! They have been going to church for the past couple months now! Its awesome! They are teaching me a little French. like Bonjour and Como seva! Bien is the same in French and Spanish. I didn't know that.
So on P-day last week we had a volleyball tournament. District against district. So we decided to go all out. And we all bought matching shirts. They say "U Mad Bro?" haha it was awesome! I am pretty sure we won. We forgot to keep score. but it was awesome!

Also I saw this sign on a door that said "No Soliciting, and Don't Try To Save My Soul" Thats the first time I have ever seen one haha. 
We have been teaching a lot and we got 3 new people to teach people. And we have been teaching 25 lessons! Its so cool! I love teaching a lot of lessons! Its makes the work more enjoyable :) We also have a baptism this week for Brooke and Jessica. They are so excited for their baptism and they are more than ready! I am so excited for them as well! :) Allot will probably happen in the next couple weeks. And I am excited to write and tell you about it :)

I love you all and know that I miss you too. I am so grateful I am on a mission right now. Its is a great experience. I have grown so much both physically and spiritually. Its amazing. I am surprised that on the 22nd of this month I have been out 6 months. I hear it picks up speed even more after that. I am excited though to see even more of the Lord work on my mission. Its going to be great. Till next time!

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