Thursday, February 21, 2013

Week 18 Dec. 24, 2012

Well hello everyone!
Well this week is the week we all know as Christmas week. Its is not only a time to rejoice and give a lot of love. But it is a time to look upon Jesus Christ and his birth and all that he has done for us. It is a miracle that he could die for our sins and did this for us! I am so grateful for that.
So this week we taught a less active who one day calls her Young women's president and said she wants to come back to church and wants to take the discussions. She is on fire! She is now going back to church and she understands everything!
This other less active is an RM and he has gone to church twice! And is wanting home teachers to help him with his problems! Its amazing!  
Also,  this week we had our Christmas zone conference! It was awesome! We had a great opportunity to listen to Greg Olsen! (yes the painter) He did so great he showed us his pictures and explained stories and meaning about them. One of them had his daughter in it and he explained that he gave here a poster of that and he would always tell his daughter Jesus loves you. Well then he had another little girl named Julie and he told her that Jesus loves her and she pointed to the picture and said "No Dad. Jesus loves Rebecca". Well realizing that, he took a small picture of it scanned it and photo shopped her face on it and after that she said Jesus loves ME!! It was so cool. He mentioned 2 things when it comes to Painting the Savior. He mentions that he must look manly and he must look ordinary. I thought that was interesting. I leave that for you all to think about that.
So then we had a talent show. There were a couple good ones and few strange ones but yeah. Then our mission President let us watch Brave! I had never seen that movie before! So I was excited. It was good and yeah that was what happened at Mission conference :)
Well everyone I wish you all a merry Christmas and thank you all for your support. I am grateful to be serving my Lord and my Savior. I miss you all and Merry Christmas Again!     

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