Monday, November 26, 2012

Week 13

Dear Family Friends Relatives stalkers and everyone else who is reading this

So this week we had alot that has happen. We had Zone Conference and it was really good I learn sooo much from it!We talked about how alot of missionaries think that Fun and Obedience should be balanced. But President McCune said that thats what satan wants you to think. He said honestly its if you are obedient you will find this work fun. He said they are not opposites and they don't balance out. Its all one thing. I thought it was cool. So lesson learned is that we have to be obedient if we wanna have fun. If we are disobedient, then we will try to have fun. I thought it was cool. And we also went over what we learned from Elder Bednar when he came to speak to us. It was awesome!
So this week I got to know alot of people just by splits. I met a ton of good RMs who have been wanting to go out with the missionaries since they got home so they willingly volunteered. So throughout the week we just did allot of tracting and meeting with past investigators. Let me tell you that the Lord definently blesses you when you are obedient and you are constantly working hard. We already have a couple more people I will soon be meeting with. So yeah, its a big thing thats been happening I am really starting to feel that this area will soon explode with new investigators! Its crazy and very stressful. But I always say that the Lord never gives you challenges you can't handle. 

But yeah it has been a great week and I have had such great experiences. I love you all and I hope you know that I know that this Gospel is true and it bring such joy and happiness that nothing else could bring :)
Till then I will talk to you all later!

-Elder Gleed

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