Tuesday, August 21, 2012

So this is it!

Wow I don't believe it... From the time I can first remember it I have always wanted to serve a mission, and now here I am. Waiting and being patient for when I have to leave. I'm pretty much packed up I've said ALLOT of goodbyes. Its weird, cause when I usually say goodbye, I was saying that to other Missionary's or friends I would never see again. Now I'm the one leaving!! What the heck?!?!

Everyone has asked "how are you feeling?" Well I guess Peace, but also kinda nervous... But still looking forward to it! When I look forward, it looks like a long time! but then I look back and realize I graduated from High school 2 years ago... and one of my best friends comes home a month after me!! Time flies!

Well I don't like sounding like a blogger so I am going to get off now and go finish packing... But to those who are reading this, Have fun! and See you in 2 year!!!

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  1. Dallin!!! It was sooo good to talk to you just now. We love you and will pray for you every single day! I wish I lived in Provo so I could sign up to feed you every night for dinner. :)
    Take care of yourself, little bro. Love you lots.


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