Sunday, September 1, 2013

Week 51

Hello World!!!

So yeah I am on Facebook! Its a wonderful new tool that we will be using in the Lord hands to spread the Gospel.
So I guess I will tell you about Facebook. So here is how it works. So I am actually suppose to use Facebook everyday for at lease an hour! How often do you hear that? And whats crazy is that I can actually use family as fellowshippers, so that means if I really want I can use my parent technically ! Crazy to see how really prophesies are coming true. With Facebook the Gospel can actually penetrate every nation where the Gospel could never be before!
Well I just got transfer call today. Provo South is splitting and I am going to be in the other 2 stakes I cover. And now my areas I guess called the Provo Bonneville area. So yeah and not only that I will be training a new Elder from the MTC and I am now a District Leader! Crazy huh? Elder Kim is opening up a new asian area called UVU Asian. He covers all Asians Except Chinese. Apparently there is allot of areas that are splitting and new Zones are forming. Man and I am in the middle of it! haha So yeah. the missions are changing and the Lord is doing some amazing things!
Well Everyone if you have any questions just send me a message. But do tell people who are your friends who want to know more to add me on Facebook and they can ask me anything :) I love you all!
-Elder Gleed

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