Thursday, May 30, 2013

Week 40

Well Well Well! A lot is definently happening here in the Lord's work. So much is going on! So much hastening of the work! A lot is going on.
I have been very tired lately because of how much work there is. I am having a hard time catching my breath and we are going crazy! So much work! I haven't done so much in a long time!
But it is really a good thing cause now I am getting to the top of my game and working hard!! Yeahya! haha things are going great!
We recently had a baptism for Niko Ventura. He's 11 years old with parents who haven't been to church in a long time. But after the many visits and many things that worked out we managed to get him into the waters of baptism! But there was actually a greater thing that happened. So the Dad finally decided that he wanted to baptize Niko. And he actually didn't have the Aaronic priesthood. But about 30 mins before the baptism the bishop conferreded the Aaronic Priesthood to Niko's dad Renaldo. It was a great baptism. :)Inline image 1 
Seeing a father baptize his son is an amazing thing to see. It was a great Baptism ceremony. I really enjoyed it! It was hard work that was worth it. I can't wait to see the happiness the gospel will bring to this family. 
Well world I love you all and I really can't believe I have been out for 9 months now. It's going too fast for me to be honest. But that's why I was told once that missionary's should stop fooling around and that's why. Cause you have 2 years to make a difference. And these next 2 years are setting you for eternity. So that's why i hear the  term " 2 years to Eternity".

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