Thursday, May 30, 2013

Week 38

Hello world its been a great week this week... Well its had its ups and downs actually.
So lets start with the ups! So this week hasn't been the best on lessons. We haven't been able to meet with a lot of our investigators. And we didn't quite make it to our goals.  But here is something pretty funny to tell you.
So the Spanish Elders had to drain the font from a baptism that they had. However, they messed up on the plug and they could not get it to drain. So they had this brilliant idea about how to drain it so they don't have to swim, they call us instead to ask if we can hold one of the Elders by the leg and... Well  pictures say

a thousands words...Inline image 1 

This is just funny, probably the dumbest thing I have done on my mission. But its a good story to tell. We had a luau that was hosted by the Spanish ward. And people here just come over and invite us over. They were showing off some of the dances from other Poly Islands. It was pretty cool! Reminds me of when we had a luau in Federal Way! Pretty legit! 
Also pretty cool thing also was that I caught a bird...yes with my bare hands!Inline image 2
Yep I am pretty legit!
Well Everyone I am going to make another blog for the bad news on what happen this week. Till next time!
(This is the bad news part of Elder Gleed's week)
Elder Guerra

So on Thursday morning we received a text from the mission office about an Elder amed Elder Guerra. He was sent to the hospital for a brain aneurysm. That is where there is a bleeding in the brain basically. He went to the hospital in the morning and they tried to operate on him. But it was too late.
He was announced brain dead by that afternoon. He was kept alive for a little while till his parents were able to fly from Sweden. 
Today we had the Memorial for him. I personally didn't know him. We did come out into the field at the same time. But I could tell just by looking at him that he was an amazing missionary. Exactly obedient, had that Spirit to him that made him shine. I now wish I could have served around him.
There were a lot of stories that were said today. And from those stories came every single Christlike attribute. He was more Christlike than any other missionary I have met in my life. I really appreciate him and his example to me and all other missionaries in the Utah Provo Mission. He will be remembered always for his service here.
I leave my prayers for him and his family. I know that family's can be together forever. I know that the atonement will bring people comfort. And I pray that the atonement will be used on his family. I love my Savior. And I know that Elder Guerra did too. But I also know that he will continue to do missionary work in the spirit world. I will miss you Elder Guerra. God be with you till we meet again  

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