Monday, May 6, 2013

Week 35

Well Hello World!
 Wow so much has happened since I got here in Provo South!
So for starters, we got another new companion in our district. His name is Elder Harpole! He will be with us for till Saturday cause his companion had to go home on Medical release. So our areas have combined together. And so we cover almost half of Provo. Crazy huh? So Yeah this will be fun!
We had my birthday last Sunday and it was pretty awesome!I got a cake from a less active family we are teaching. haha t
The funny thing was that they bought the cake on Sunday hahaha but it was awesome! I had a great birthday!
Inline image 1
So on Saturday we had a baptism for Christina Jones! Her baptism was one to remember. So they left us the responsibility to fill up the font. However we mis-calculated how long it would take to fill up the font... So it was half an hour before the baptism started and the font had been filling for almost 2 hours... and the water wasn't even filled half way... So what do we do? Panic!!! SIKE! Handle it like a boss! haha
We got pitchers, Garbage cans and we started filling the font from the sinks and janitor closet. and we did work! We spent the last 30 mins just chucking water into the font. We found out, midway though, that we ran out of hot water as the font was almost complete. But She had a successful baptism and things turned out good! :)Inline image 2 So yeah plus thats honestly a good picture of me (I mean us!! ) :) 
But yeah things turned out good and we have 4 baptism this Saturday!! :D I haven't had that many baptisms  in one day before so haha this will be fun! 
I love you all and I hope all is well. My testimony and teaching have gotten so much stronger! Its amazing how much I have change. Physically and Spiritually. I love life and I love My mission! I can't believe I have been out 8 months today! Its going fast!! I love you all and till next time! 

-Elder Gleed

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