Monday, May 6, 2013

Week 36
Hello Everybody!
This week we have had success! Working with Elder Harpole was fun! I learned so much from that Elder. But it was stressful to be in 2 areas at once! We have driven almost 1100 miles this month! That's more than the ZLs get! So yeah we have been busy!
On the Bright side We had 4 Baptisms this week! It was pretty awesome! But what was not fun was the ward Mission Leaders didn't fill the font for our baptisms so we had to fill up the font like twice! So yeah it was crazy!
But I had a great opportunity to get into the font and help this Mongolian Lady get baptized cause she has a hurt neck. So I got to go in and help.
But Yeah now that we got 4 people to be baptized we now have to find more people... So yeah that's the worst part of missionary work haha.
Luckly we have like 7 referals from people who are either prepared or they were just random people who the LDS people think need the gospel but the referal wont accept it haha. That's Utah for ya!
SO I love you all and this letter is short but I am having a great time here! So much is happening! I can feel it!

-Elder Gleed

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