Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Week 71-72

Well Hello everyone!
I am so sorry for not writing last week! It slipped my mind. But I will do better next time :)
During Christmas we had three meals! One at 1pm then 3pm then 5pm... I was stuffed! I could barely make the 3rd meal. It was crazy! But I got to talk to my familyfor a bit. That was cool :) We got to use facetime for 45 mins. It was awesome I had allot of fun seeing my house and seeing everyone on Christmas morning. It was  pretty cool. I can't believe how big my niece and nephew are getting! Cute to hear them say Hi Dallin! :) Life is good.
SO yeah that was our Christmas. got allot of candy and chocolate that I believe is giving me allot of breakouts... we still have allot that is from 2 weeks ago. So we just have allot! haha. But Everyone was so kind and generous this Christmas. I could defiantly feel the Spirit of Christ :) And we got allot of good gifts like ties! :) (And I hope you all like my ugly Sweater :) )
So on new years eve was a normal proselyting day. But new years day we got to sleep in till 7:30 and then organize a district activity for the morning. It was fun! We played volleyball and this other game that was like dodge ball with those exercise  balls that are huge! haha it was allot of fun.
Then after that we went on exchanges. I had allot of fun! Elder Lewandowski went into our area not knowing much and I went into Saratoga Springs with Elder Stephans. He was awesome I learn allot for being with him.
So this week we had a couple of good things happen.We are teaching a less active guy who really want to change his life. He has gotten involved in all the bad life like drugs, alcohol, all that bad stuff that makes people miserable. But he wants to change. He said I had a craving for a beer and I just knelt down and prayed and read the scriptures and I didn't have the craving anymore! He said that beer is in the fridge its the last one. Then I said at the beginning of the lesson if I could throw it away. He laughed and then said Its something I have to do for myself. Then We taught the lesson and after the closing prayer he said, so one of you want to throw away my beer? Haha I was so excited! It was awesome! And so we did! Awesome night!
We also are teaching a less active guy from south Africa who knows all the doctrine knows what he has to do to go to church and knows everything. But on Saturday night we basically asked him why are we here? And I don't know how it worked out but we made a goal for him to go to the temple in 3 months and he will go to Church in 2 weeks all 3 hours... How did that happen I don't remember. But it worked out. So now we are making progress! Awesome!
SO yeah I love life. I Love being a missionary. I hate how short it really is. Time is going faster and faster. I can't stand it! I am praying to be a successful missionary. I will continue to work hard and love The Lord. Its great to be out at this time.
I know God lives and he loves us! I know the Book Of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith is a Prophet of the Restoration of the Fullness of truth. I love my Savior. I am grateful for this Christmas season. its my last on but its going to be a great on! I am loving the Lord and happy for His hand in my life. I love you all and I hope you have a great week! till next time! 

--Elder Gleed

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