Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 75- Grandma Overson, The most Christlike person I have met

Hello world!
I am going to say I love the Lord! I am grateful for His love that has been poured out on me. I am so grateful!
There have been a few miracles this week. I got sick on Tuesday. Like to the point where I couldn't move or I wanted to die! :P The worst part was that we had probably one of the busiest days of my life. But we had a little miracle where a few of our appointments canceled. And they stalled me enough to where I could finish the day with a couple lessons. So it was a miracle in that sense. So I guess thats the good thing to see in that.
We have alos had a couple of new investigators and we have a couple more that really are now progressing! Its amazing how The Lord is hastening the work. I am happy to be in it! :)
On Saturday I received a call from president while I was driving he asks if he could speak to me privately. So I pulled over the car and went out side on the road. He called to tell me some of the saddest news I have ever heard. He said that my dear sweet Grandma Overson has passed... I was heart broken, I was sad, crying, I couldn't believe it! President said I could talk to my family for a few mins. So I did just that.
I called my parents first and I could tell they were a little heart broken. But even through all the tears and all the sadness I was still at peace. I can say for sure that the Lord has been preparing me for this moment of my mission. I decided a long time ago that if this ever happen in my mission I would not get mad at God. And honestly President Monsons talk this past general Conference "I will not fail thee or forsake thee" has brought me so much peace. 
When I called my Grandpa the first thing he said was isn't the Gospel wonderful? We get to partake of the sacrament on sunday and renew our covenants and think of Christ...Grandpa you honestly are one of my greatest examples.
Even though I cried most of the time when I was on the phone with my family I can say this for sure that I felt the love of the Savior more powerfully than ever before. I love the Savior. I know for a fact that familys are together forever and that God is real. I know I will that she is watching over me right now and that I will see her again. Thank you Grandma for all that you have done. We have traveled the world together from California to Europe and other places. And your Christlike example is one of the greatest things I have looked up to. Especially Charity, the pure love of Christ. I love you Grandma! Rest well!

On Sunday I had the opportunity to give a talk in sacrament and I was able to share with them about what happened on saturday. And I have felt the spirit so strong as I shared that. I can feel how grandma is with me right now. I love this Church. I love this Gospel. I love my Heavenly Father fro all that he does! :) He is so good to me! :)

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