Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 73

Hello world! 
Its been a good week! We are seeing allot of miracles and things really happening in this area! 
The Leadership is really getting into the work of the Lord! Its amazing to see how things are coming!
Yesterday we had a Ward mission leader set up an appointment with a new investigator. What he did was he parked his car in front of the fellowshippers house and asked him what is the best approach to meet this guy and start teaching him? And we asked him then went to the investigator and approached him that way. Then we set up the appointment went back to the neighbor and got him to come to the lesson! All within 5 mins! This guy was amazing! And not only that we have 3 lessons on Wednesday in a row!... Crazy!
So we also visited a less active who has allot of instruments that are literally vintage! This is a picture of a banjo that is like from the 1920s! I don't even know how to play banjo! But it was allot of fun! I enjoyed it!

We have gotten allot of new people to teach this week! We are teaching 3 kids that age from 9 to 13. And we started teaching them and they committed to be baptized! Awesome! And On sunday we taught a guy that I met like a couple months ago and at the time he didn't seem interested in the church. Well we stopped by Bishop Dalton's house to see if he could come with us to a lesson and while we were there his son yelled "Hey Missionaries I need to talk to you!" He brought that same guy that I met a while ago and said "Want to set up a time cause he want to take the lessons and be baptized!" haha it was awesome to hear. 
We taught him for the first time yesterday. He was really nervous. You can tell. But we had a great lesson with him! He was a little concerned about Joseph Smith.  He said he believes that it is possible that Joseph Smith is a Prophet but has some concerns. But we managed to help him resolve that concern by asking him to pray about Joseph Smith. But he said everytimg he thinks of Baptism he feels at peace! And he loves the Feeling of it. SO that was nice to hear. He said he will be baptized! Its awesome!
It is awesome to be a missionary right now! I love the Lord! I love Him! I love Him! I love Him! He does live! He does love us! He wants us to have joy for our entire lives. I love you all and I am grateful to be here! I love you all! I will be getting transfer calls on Monday! I am excited to see what is going to happen next! Take care everyone! :)

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