Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Week 84

Well good morning world!
What a week! We have had crazy things going on! We have been crazy busy! We have had our Monthly MLC (Mission Leadership Council) with all the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders. We had nothing major that has changed. President did pull an April fools joke on us by telling us that the mission was going to be split into 3 missions... then he pulled up on the projector what he said was going to be the boundaries of the missions and it said April Fools! Haha president you have a really good sense of humor!
We just had a new temple policy come out! SO this is the new policy for the temple. We are now only allowed to go once a quarter and it has to be on a P-day unless the temple is not open then. But heres the cool part! We can go with Recent Converts and Less Actives for their Live ordinance or first time doing baptism for the dead. And this is the cool part! We can go to any temple with them in Utah County or Salt lake county! SO that means all temples from Bountiful to Manti we can go with them to those temples. AND also we have permission to go to family members live ordinances in the temple too! So that's cool!
So Conference! Conference was amazing! I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Saturday Morning Session of Conference. I was made a group leader/babysitter haha it was good though! We didn't go on temple square we just went straight to the conference center. This was my group! Or some of them actually
It was great! I enjoyed it! I loved hearing the speakers! They said some very wonderful things that have made me really think on how I can improve myself and how I can be better! I plan on studying the things that were taught and my notes to make this possible.
Over all this week has been hectic!!! I mean its been crazy! We had a leadership council with the leaders and the Mission President for 6 hours! Then we had allot of planning for our Zone Training Meeting, then do our actual Zone Training Meeting. Then We had to organize how people in our Zone are going to go to conference and what their companion will do while their other Companion goes to Conference... Yeah its a crazy Week. We had to hand someone off to the missionaries that are actually suppose to be teaching an investigator and we were getting allot of people getting frustrated with us cause we want to do the right thing!... Yeah its a crazy week haha But I'm good now :)
I learned a very important step that we must do in a crazy world or crazy time from a talk called Come What May and Love It- Joseph B. Wirthlin. He said the following:
"The first thing we can do is learn to laugh. Have you ever seen an angry driver who, when someone else makes a mistake, reacts as though that person has insulted his honor, his family, his dog, and his ancestors all the way back to Adam? Or have you had an encounter with an overhanging cupboard door left open at the wrong place and the wrong time which has been cursed, condemned, and avenged by a sore-headed victim?
There is an antidote for times such as these: learn to laugh." 
So thats something I figured we must always do in times of craziness. Come what may and love it! I wish I knew Elder Wirthlin more!                                   
I Love this Gospel. I love The Lord. He is good. I am thankful for the opportunity I had to go to Conference and to hear the words of a Prophet and his Apostles. What a great strength it is to us all!

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