Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Week 82

Hello world!
Well I got your package! My comp was mad cause he was expecting a really big package and he was excited and thought that it was his go he grabs it at the front door and he turns around slowly and gets in that car and says its for you haha made him very excited for a little bit haha
So this week we have had allot of good things happen! We had a new investigator name Arden that is very prepared! Like we taught the restoration to her and it was like literally on of the most powerful lessons I have had in a while! But with every Good thing there is opposition in everything. So she has problems with faith, believing in something she can't see. And she lives in Alpine... And we had another lesson with her and felt like she needs to be taught there. Even though we got the OK from the Elders there. But we feel like she needs to be taught there haha So yeah!
But all in all its been a good week in the fact that we had more lessons this week than ever since I have been in this area. And we have a investigator that has been taught before the beginning of my mission. And he just accepted to be on date!! Its awesome!!!
We had a cool experience on Sunday. Remember the young girl I talked about in my last blog entry about how she wasn't sure about being baptized since she doesn't see that if she doesn't have a desire to repent of her mistakes she should have to repent especially if she is going to do them over and over again.  
Well we caught the tail end of a fireside with a former mission president and we go there and see her there! I was talking to someone and my companion actually ran into her after the fireside and they started with small talk then she just comes out and says I want to take the lessons again and I possibly want to be baptized... Elder Reher said he was playing it cool and he was being professional. But deep down inside it was like it was a new years party of excitement! haha It was a miracle! I was so happy!
Well everyone I am grateful to be in the service of my God. He is amazing and wonderful. I know he lives and loves all of us. He has been so good.  

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  1. sounds like good things are happening your way. Wonderful.
    you have a great attitude and seem to work well with everyone.
    we are glad you are seeing success in your new area.
    everyone misses you out here.
    great you have a blog.
    bro. and sis scott eagle mountain, ut


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