Monday, November 4, 2013

Week 62

Hello World! 
Its been a while I know. I apologize. Sometimes it gets hard to send emails as a missionary. But I will do better next time!
SO The past few weeks I have been training and doing my best to get Provo going so that in case I leave I can know for a fact that it will be a good area for the next missionary's. 
Last week I got my call for transfers... and I am moving! After 7 1/2 months I am moving areas. I am going to Eagle Mountain! And I will be serving with Elder Poulima from Samoa. Pretty unexpected. But I am excited! I can't wait till I see what the Lord has in store for me in Eagle Mountain!
So I came to eagle mountain. And its very different from Provo and Lindon. Its a newer community. Only 15 years old. Has been ranked one of the youngest area in the US or Utah. I saw that yesterday when I noticed that most of the ward has allot of kids. So I can see that. It has like 2 gas stations and a Wal Mart and about 50 church buildings. Thats what it is. I hear there some polygamy here... haven't ran into it yet. Its very wide spread too did I mention that?
For Halloween we had to stay inside for 4 hours and we had a movie that we could watch called Ephraims Rescue. It wasn't bad. It like the other part of 17 miracles. Then we played games and chilled. It was allot of fun. Btw did I mention to you that I am in a district of sisters?... Yep I am a District leader for sisters... which makes me Relief Society President basically...haha This will be fun!
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So on Saturday I go t to witness a baptism back in my old area. This man has been taking the discussions for over 10 years. and finally he makes the leap of faith. The Baptism was beautiful. I really enjoyed the spirit that was there. I am proud of that man! :) He's the most Christlike person I have met in a long Time. Happy for him.
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I love missionary work. The wife told me thank you for not giving up on him. You just kept trying and trying. And now hes here. I didn't think I had much of a part in his conversion. But then I thought about it. I kept on going and trying to help him. I knew I couldn't convert him. But I knew someone could. So thats why I kept going. So I guess I see how Heavenly Father really used me as an instrument in His hands to bring Travis unto Christ.
I know that the Lord has a plan. I know that I am in Eagle Mountain for a reason. I look ofrward to this adventure here and with my new companion! I know that the Church is true! I know Christ Lives! I know The Book Of Mormon is true! I know We have a Modern Day Prophet in these last days. I love you all! I can't believe I am on my down hill slope of my mission. But that doesn't stop me from working hard! I love you all! Have a great Week!

-Elder Gleed

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